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Will HRT help me manage menopausal weight gain?
Will HRT help me manage menopausal weight gain?

How Winona treatments help with weight loss and muscle gain.

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HRT cream and DHEA work well in tandem to address weight loss - and even more important, fat loss with muscle gain.

You will see a redistribution of weight to lower your BMI and increase your lean muscle mass. There may be a temporary gain of water weight over the first week or two, but that should go away quickly, and you should then start to see the desired weight loss.

It's still important to eat well and exercise. In addition to the direct metabolic effects, you should also sleep better with these medications. This in turn helps with weight loss by affecting cortisol and decreasing the food cravings we get when we are tired.
Don't expect to lose a lot of weight in the first month; slow, steady progress is what to expect, which adds up over time. The medications reverse metabolic effects of declining hormone levels. Like reversing a moving train, first, the weight gain needs to stop before weight loss can occur.

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