I did my undergrad at U.C. Berkeley. I went to St. Louis University for medical school and graduated with my MD in 1993. I then did a Family Medicine residency at the Ventura County Medical Center and became board certified in Family Medicine. During my Family Medicine residency I fell in love with delivering babies and I was told I had "good surgical hands" so I did a second residency in OB/GYN and finished in 1999. I have been doing OB/GYN ever since. I did "full scale" OB/GYN for 18 years in Ventura CA. I eventually took a job as an OB hospitalist which I am currently still doing, this allowed my wife and I to move to Lake Arrowhead CA, a long dream of ours.

Winona is a new company, we launched in April of this year. My son is one of the founders and he recruited me to be the chief medical officer. I am really excited to be able to help in this endeavor. The prescribing and management of HRT doesn't require labs or even a physical exam. Best practice is to treat by symptoms. This makes it ideal for this environment. Patient safety is my primary concern and I can say that the rest of our team feels the same way. Winona helps bring symptom relief in a safe and convenient way to patients that are in need of help.

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