Hormone testing

Do I need labs or bloodwork done to test my hormone levels?

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Hormone levels vary greatly, not just day-to-day, but even throughout a single day. As a result, tests for hormone levels are inaccurate and therefore not helpful for prescribing treatment.

HRT is best prescribed and adjusted based on symptoms. We'll check in with you periodically to see how your symptoms are responding, and we'll recommend dose adjustments based on your experience.

The body is more sensitive than any laboratory test. The actual lab value isn't really important; what is important is how the body responds. We're not interested in making the labs look good, we're interested in relieving symptoms. Everyone is different in what level of hormones they tolerate without symptoms. The body tells us there's a problem by creating symptoms, which is what we're trying to fix.

Your Winona physician will determine the proper treatment and dosage after you complete the medical intake process.

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