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How do I use my FSA card?
How do I use my FSA card?
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Using your FSA card is very simple. There are 2 ways to benefit from your FSA:
1. Change your payment method on file to your FSA card. Your FSA card will work like a debit card and be used to pay for your treatments.

  • Go to your Account Settings.

  • Scroll down to enter the payment section and press "edit."

Replace your current payment details with you FSA card details.

2. You can pay out of pocket and be reimbursed by your FSA later. As a patient of Winona, you have the ability to access your HSA/FSA receipts and NDC forms through your online patient account.

To do so, you can start by logging in to your account. Once you're logged into your Patient Portal, click on "Insurance Documents" under your name in the upper right-hand corner of the page. You should be able to download an HSA receipt, FSA receipt, and NDC forms to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Please be aware that Winona is not able to provide any additional documentation or information requested by insurance companies beyond what is included in the specialized HSA/FSA receipts.

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