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What is menopause like?
What is menopause like?
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Menopause is caused by a decrease in your reproductive hormones, estrogen and progesterone. In the same way that the hormonal changes in puberty vary from girl to girl, the experience of the menopause transition is different for each woman. You reach menopause once you’ve gone 12 consecutive months without a menstrual period. In the US, this happens on average around 51 years of age. Common symptoms of menopause include weight gain around the abdomen, hot flashes, insomnia and/or sleep disturbances, moodiness, vaginal dryness, painful sex, and so much more. The combination of these symptoms can cause anxiety or depression.

Menopause is a natural process, but women shouldn't have to suffer with its symptoms. There are treatments available that can offer symptom relief, as well as provide preventative health benefits.

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