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Menopause & HRT
Menopause & HRT

What you need to know about menopause and hormone replacement therapy

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Will HRT improve skin and hair?
What does HRT do for a woman?
Is HRT the best natural option for treating menopause symptoms?
Do periods get lighter before menopause?
Why would HRT work when birth control pills haven’t?
What are the stages of menopause?
What are the worst symptoms of menopause?
How can you tell if you are menopausal?
What is the earliest stage in menopause?
What is menopause like?
What is menopause?
How can I tell if I'm going through menopause?
Who are your Winona healthcare experts?
Why HRT?
Is HRT safe?
What are the treatments Winona offers?
Am I a candidate for HRT?
Timeline for Symptom Relief
Aren’t there more natural solutions to my menopause symptoms?
Should I take herbal & vitamin supplements?
Do I need to change my lifestyle during treatment?
Will I ever “get better”?
How can Winona help me alleviate my symptoms?
How long do I have to endure the symptoms of menopause?
Who makes the medicines Winona prescribes?
Is HRT risky if your family has a history of breast cancer?
Tender Breasts after Beginning HRT Treatment
Will a hysterectomy put you in menopause?
Can I take HRT while breastfeeding?
Can HRT help with excessive sweating?
How do GLP-1 medications compare to HRT for weight loss?
I have never had a weight issue, and then I suddenly started gaining weight as I entered the menopause transition. Which option is better, a GLP-1 medication or HRT?
Is it safe to take estrogen cream and DHEA if I have high blood pressure and cholesterol levels?
Should estrogen doses in my HRT increase or decrease over time?
How long does it take for HRT to start working?
What are the benefits of hormone replacement therapy after menopause?
Can HRT help with Joint and muscle pain?