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Is HRT the best natural option for treating menopause symptoms?
Is HRT the best natural option for treating menopause symptoms?
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Winona’s medical professionals believe, based on scientific evidence, that HRT is worth taking for eligible candidates. HRT is the most effective treatment for menopause symptoms.

Women wishing to start HRT can read the articles in our Winona Medical Journal, or they can discuss the benefits and risks of treatment with their Winona doctor. Winona physicians take into account symptoms, age, medical history, risk factors, and personal preferences to devise an HRT plan that is unique for every woman. Women on HRT with Winona will be able to interact with their Winona physician regularly.

For the majority of women who use HRT to treat symptoms of menopause, the benefits of treatment are considered to outweigh the risks. HRT is the treatment of choice for women under the age of 60, and it is especially helpful for women who experience premature menopause.

Your family doctor may not have sufficient knowledge of the current scientific information validating the safety of HRT, and they might be concerned about the risks. They have likely lost confidence in prescribing HRT based on outdated research, but it is your right to request advice from a more current, relevant source.

Winona scientists and physicians are specialists with expertise in menopausal health and up-to-date recommendations for prescribing HRT. They are also members of the North American Menopause Society, and therefore have access to its latest literature, studies, and training.

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