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What if I'm estrogen dominant?
What if I'm estrogen dominant?

How Winona handles estrogen dominance.

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If you have been told you are estrogen dominant, Winona can help your symptoms.

There are several reasons for estrogen dominance. It's possible that your ovaries have slowed down the production of progesterone more quickly than the production of estrogen. It's possible that your body produces more estrogen than the average woman, but progesterone production is closer to average levels. It's also possible to be estrogen dominant for part of your life but for that to change during perimenopause.

In any case, Winona providers will prescribe the correct combination of hormones to give you symptom relief.

The body is more sensitive than any laboratory test. The actual lab value isn't really important; what is important is how the body is responding. We are not interested in making the labs look good - we are interested in relieving symptoms. Everyone has a different threshold for what level of hormones they can tolerate without symptoms. The body tells us there is a problem by creating symptoms, which is what we're trying to remedy.

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