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When should I adjust my dosage?
When should I adjust my dosage?

When should I adjust the dosage of my HRT?

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The menopause transition can be wildly different for each woman, and the severity and impact of its symptoms vary from woman-to-woman.

Some women may sail through the transition with barely a hot flash, while others may experience debilitating symptoms, such constant temperature fluctuations, joint and muscle pain, brain fog, weight gain, and painful vaginal dryness - (just to name a few!).

We understand that you want the most severe symptoms to be resolved quickly, but your body will need time to adapt to your treatment plan and the influx of hormones you are starting.

HRT works best if taken consistently over time, so it may take 10 to 12 weeks to start to see positive changes.

Luckily, within 3 months, 80% of our patients feel complete relief from their symptoms!

Your Winona doctor wants to give you just the right amount of medication to relieve your symptoms...not too much and not too little....and will be happy to discuss a possible dose adjustment at your 10-week follow-up if you are still not experiencing relief.

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