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How should I apply the body cream?
How should I apply the body cream?

Is one area of my body better than others to apply the cream?

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Your HRT cream should be applied topically to an area of your skin that is free of hair, excluding the face and breasts. Push down firmly and securely on the pump until you dispense a pea-sized amount cream. A single dose is considered 2 pumps in most cases, but your Winona doctor will provide you instructions on your specific dose.

Massage the cream into your skin for 5-10 seconds until fully absorbed. If the cream is beading up, it may be an indication that you have applied too much for your skin to fully absorb. To prevent a buildup of cream and ensure that the hormones are being distributed throughout your body as intended, you may want to apply it to different parts of your body. We recommend using the forearms, but other good areas to use are the abdomen, the backs of the knees, or the inner thighs.

Also, please make sure you're applying the cream to an area of skin that is clean, dry, and free of lotions or oils, as they can prevent the cream from penetrating your skin. Absorption is very fast, and there's no need to delay getting dressed etc. We do suggest that you wait 30 minutes before swimming or bathing after you apply the cream.

Please wash your hands after using your HRT cream.

For vaginal estrogen cream, you'll will be provided with an applicator.

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