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Frequently asked questions.

DHEA and Hair Growth
Are Winona’s treatments FDA-approved?
Smoking and HRT
HRT and Secondary Exposure to Children or Pets
Do your products contain gluten?
Weird Dreams and HRT
Quantities of HRT Cream in Each Bottle
Efficacy of DHEA in a Cream Form
What are the benefits of HRT for women in surgical menopause?
Acne or Anxiety with DHEA
Starting HRT after Menopause
When to Take HRT & DHEA
Age Limits for HRT
Adjusting HRT During Your Menstrual Cycle
What factors contribute to Winona's pricing?
Is my medication still effective if it has been left in the heat?
While on birth control I experienced migraines, will this cause me to have migraines as well?
All About Winona
How do I track my order?
Restarting HRT Over the Age of 60
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