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Are Winona’s treatments FDA-approved?
Are Winona’s treatments FDA-approved?
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The FDA has approved medical treatments containing bioidentical hormones that mimic the hormones made naturally in the body. All Winona treatments are formulated using ingredients sourced from FDA-registered facilities. Our oral pills and transdermal patches are also manufactured in an FDA-registered setting, so they are able to be labeled FDA-approved.

Our hormone creams are compounded in our own pharmacies, in order to create the exact prescription your Winona physician has written for you. Compounding is a practice in which different ingredients found in FDA-approved medicines are combined to create medications that meet the needs of individual patients. Currently, once FDA-approved ingredients are combined, they can no longer be labeled FDA-approved, since the FDA does not regulate compounding. This means that while our creams are not labeled FDA-approved, they are formulated with ingredients from FDA-registered sources.

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