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What are the treatments Winona offers?
What are the treatments Winona offers?

What is the medicine I would be taking? What forms?

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Winona's hormone replacement options include creams, pills, and patches. Winona’s providers work directly with you to identify which option is right for your needs and lifestyle.

Topical Cream

Women use creams as a way to get a dose of hormones through the skin. Estrogen creams are easy to use. Applying cream to the skin is called “transdermal” dosing, meaning that the medication is transported through the layers of the skin to the bloodstream. Dosing through the skin bypasses the liver and is generally considered to be easier on the body, because a lower dose is required. The application amount is precisely measured by using the Winona dispensing bottles.


You may have tried oral hormones if you ever used birth control pills. The doses of hormones in birth control pills are higher than what is needed in menopause. Winona’s oral hormones are targeted specifically towards hormone replacement from our compounding pharmacy, which provides a dose that’s perfect for bioidentical HRT purposes. Because this form goes through the liver - which breaks down a large part of the hormones that pass through it - the dose of hormones has to be significantly higher than with creams or patches. Most women tolerate these doses just fine, but some women may want the topical alternative.


Patches are another option for dosing hormones via the skin, with the same benefits as using a transdermal cream. Estrogen patches are easy to use; just apply the patch to an area that is clean, dry, and hairless. Depending on the dosage, you can wear a patch for 4-7 days before you replace it. A patient package insert for the patches is provided with each prescription and refill.

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