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Why was I prescribed before speaking with the doctor?
Why was I prescribed before speaking with the doctor?

I was told I would have a visit with a doctor before deciding how to proceed, but now I see a prescription is already being filled.

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Our goal at Winona is to make obtaining HRT as easy as possible for you within a safe and secure environment. Our onboarding questionnaire is designed to serve as your consultation to see if Winona is right for you. Your assigned doctor will review your onboarding questionnaire and health history and will not accept you as a patient if HRT is not appropriate for you.

While onboarding, you had an opportunity to submit any questions, comments, or concerns that you would like the doctor to address before any medications are prescribed.

If you do not have any questions, and the doctor feels that the selected treatment plan is safe and appropriate for you, the prescription(s) will be sent to our Winona compounding pharmacy for fulfillment.

If you have been prescribed a treatment plan, you should receive a message from your Winona doctor providing information about your prescriptions and the dosages.

Remember, your Winona doctor is available via the Patient Portal to address any concerns that you may have about your treatment plan at any time.

You can connect with your doctor here.

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