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The Winona Onboarding Process
The Winona Onboarding Process

How do I get started with a treatment plan?

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Your health and safety are our top priority, so you must complete our onboarding process in order to determine your eligibility for a treatment plan.

Where do I start?

Your Winona onboarding process begins by creating an account and telling us a little bit about yourself. We will ask you about your age and demographic information, as well as prompt you to create an account with an email address and password of your choosing.

As we provide prescription medications, we must comply with state licensing requirements and have a doctor on our team who is licensed to prescribe in your state.

We recommend writing down your email address and password associated with your account right away, as you will need this information to log into your account later and communicate with your doctor. Our Patient Care Representatives do not have access to your password for confidentiality reasons, but they do have the ability to help you reset it, if needed.

I created an account. What do I do next?

After your account is created, you'll answer questions about your medical history and current symptoms.

It's very important to answer the questions about your medical history honestly and accurately in order for your Winona doctor to safely prescribe the most appropriate medications for you.

There are certain contraindications that may prevent you from being a good candidate for HRT, so again, please answer honestly.

If you don't have any contraindications to HRT, you will be recommended some potential treatment options and encouraged to list any preferences you may have about your medications.

Our HRT options are available in a monthly supply and a 3-month supply.

The next step of the onboarding process allows you leave any questions or concerns that you would like the doctor to address before any medications are prescribed to you. You may list as many questions as you would like!

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not list any questions or concerns, and the Winona doctor feels you are a good candidate for HRT, your prescriptions may automatically be processed and sent to our pharmacy for fulfillment.

What if I don't know what I want? That's why I'm here!

We know starting HRT is a very personal decision and can cause a lot of anxiety.

The system may initially recommend certain medications to you based on the information you provided, but your Winona doctor has the ultimate authority to prescribe what they think will benefit you the most.

If you are unsure of what medications you would like, you can skip this section and ask the Winona doctor for their recommendation.

I answered all the questions, but I'm now being asked to provide myd river's license. Why is that?

The last stage of the onboarding process involves verifying your identity. Telemedicine law requires us to confirm your identity in order to legally write you any prescriptions.

We understand any hesitation to upload information online, but we can assure you that the photo of your ID will be stored securely. It will only be shared with the Patient Care Team and our identity verification platform.

Your Winona medical provider is legally obligated to verify your identity using a government issued ID, before they can determine if prescription medication is right for you. Your personal identifying information, medical history, and ID will never be shared outside of Winona's secure healthcare platform.

You're almost done!

Once you've provided ID for verification, you’ll add a valid payment method to your account, in case any prescriptions are written for you.

Finally, you'll be directed to your Patient Portal, where you'll be able to connect with your Winona doctor. If you or the doctor don't have any questions, and you're deemed a good candidate for HRT, the doctor may proceed with prescribing treatment.

That being said, your doctor will never prescribe treatment without first addressing any questions or concerns you listed previously. Your doctor will also always be available for continued support via messaging in the Patient Portal!


Your onboarding process is now complete, and you're on your way to relief!

As soon as the doctor is able to review your onboarding questionnaire and history, you should receive an email regarding your eligibility and possible treatment plan.

Be sure to periodically check your Patient Portal for any correspondence from your Winona doctor by logging into your account and checking the MESSAGE tab.

If you're ready to start your Winona journey, click the button below. If you're already a Winona patient, click here to access your Patient Portal.

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