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Does Winona offer a money-back guarantee?
Does Winona offer a money-back guarantee?

If the product doesn't work, can I return it?

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Our treatments help most women, but as with all medical interventions, there are no guarantees. Most women see improvement after a few weeks, and we can say that 80% of patients are satisfied with how they feel around the three-month mark.
If your symptoms have not improved after 10-weeks, we can change the dose or the medication to try to help you feel better. It can take time for your body to acclimate to the influx of hormones. These are real prescription medications, prescribed by real doctors, just like you would receive in a doctor's office. The only difference between Winona and your personal doctor is that we conduct our visits via telehealth. Be assured that your Winona doctor is available if problems arise or if you have any questions about treatment. We are committed to helping you find the appropriate medication and dose that benefits you the most. However, just like with a prescription from an in-person doctor, there is no money back guarantee, and we cannot accept returns of medication.

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