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A complete Winona onboarding process overview
A complete Winona onboarding process overview

What does the free visit entail?

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Your Winona onboarding begins with our medical intake and eligibility process that you can access here:

At this stage, you will answer questions about your medical history and current symptoms, as well as submit any questions or concerns.

After completing this step, you will be recommended some potential treatment options, and you will be given the opportunity to specify any preferences you may have.

Next, you will complete a quick identity verification, per telemedicine laws, to ensure your assigned physician can treat you and prescribe you medication legally.

Once this is complete, you’ll add a valid payment method to your account, in case a prescription is written by your physician.

Finally, you'll be directed to your patient portal, where you'll be able to connect with your Winona doctor. If you or the physician don't have any questions, and you're deemed a good candidate for HRT, the doctor may proceed with prescribing treatment.

That being said, your doctor will never prescribe treatment without first addressing any questions or concerns. Your doctor will also always be available for continued support through the patient portal.

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